Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Ultra Low Temperature Freezers are equipped with a sophisticated electronic controller with digital temperature display and comprehensive audio/visual alarm system, including fault diagnosis facility and remote alarm contacts. Operating on a heavy duty cascade refrigeration system, these freezers maintain temperatures down to -85°C and have rapid temperature recovery and pull down times. This range is designed to provide exceptional reliability and optimum storage conditions for the long term preservation of invaluable samples.

All models have castors, are fitted with a lockable security catch and inner sub doors/lids to minimise temperature loss when the main door is opened.

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Our ultra low temperature freezers are ideal for medical and scientific applications, particularly where exact temperature control is an absolute necessity. To this end, every Swan ultra low temperature freezer comes with temperature deviation monitoring and a mains-fail alert warning system. 

Our freezers are constructed with robust stainless-steel interiors, which are perfect for handling extremely low temperatures and are especially resistant to corrosion. The non-porous surface is also very easy to keep spotlessly clean.

Our ULT580-C and ULT760-C models each come fitted with an access port, through which a probe can be used to monitor product and specimens without compromising their integrity. And thanks to the inclusion of vacuum insulation panels, our freezers deliver optimum performance levels. 

As with all of our products, our ultra low temperature freezers come with a minimum 12-month warranty, which starts on the date of delivery. 

Installation is straightforward and swift, thanks to the lack of connective cabling. All of our equipment is produced to the highest standards and has undergone exhaustive testing. In fact, all of our products are evaluated in laboratory conditions that match those of real-world medical and scientific situations. We also offer UKAS-standard full validation and calibration certification at an affordable price with every ultra low temperature freezer.